First year Anniversary!

Well… I am still around after my first year ! It’s actually 1 week away, Dec 7 2016 was when I opened my doors for business and it’s been a huge learning curve. Doing what you love to do which for me is any activity outside in the rain, under the sun, on the snow, dirt and surrounded by nature. Wearing my hiking boots, riding shoes, with a paddle in my hand or a backpack on my back.

Now earning a living doing what you love to do can be challenging eh. There is the mortgage, car payments,groceries and your cell phone bill to pay so trying to find the balance is what I was up to for my first year and unfortunately it was very one-sided. I found myself inside more than outside and the purse strings were tight I mean TIGHT. My office is a rental shop with some of the gear you need to play outside, I loved talking to people who came in to rent some snowshoes or a bike or camping gear for a day or days, they were here for an adventure. I did expect my outside time to shrink but that is OK I have had many years of playing outside now I am open for business so others can play too.

I am so glad I opened my “office” in Squamish what a great community to welcome a new business. Everybody is friendly and outgoing, locals brought in their family and friends who wanted to explore the Sea to Sky Corridor but didn’t have the gear to play. The tourists that came through the doors too were very excited to be in Squamish, they would compliment that they loved the small town vibe where they could see the mountains from anywhere they were and didn’t have the crowds that Whistler can have in the winter and summer peak times.

Going into my 2nd year of business I would like to give back to the trail system, work with other businesses and maybe create an event or two to help with the growing tourism sector in Squamish. I also have a new business partner who has some ideas for the business. It’s going to be an exciting year and I look forward to seeing new and old faces walk through the door.

Cheers Cor