Dog Days of Summer

Summer has arrived and it has brought the heat and it has also brought the summer thunderstorms. At time of writing BC has 127 active wild fires, some are human caused and some are from lighting. Just last week there was a prediction that the rain was coming!!  and everybody was welcoming the news. Not much you can do when the fires are started from lighting but the ones started from humans that is ludicrous… So here we sit wanting rain to fall, cursing people for throwing cigarettes outta their cars and hoping people camping are abiding  the fire ban.

Riding the trails they are dry, dusty and loose which just adds another technical element to trail riding in Squamish. “Ride don’t slide” is a term used when you need to lay off your back brake and apply more front brake. Did you know that your front brake controls the speed, back brakes assist the front. So when you are out riding the trails in Squamish, Whistler, Northshore or anywhere in BC region this summer remember “ride don’t slide” and do a lil rain dance in the moon light


Cheers Cor