Races are for Dinosaurs


On June 10, 2017 Dylan and Melissa hosted yet another fun Enduro Race in the Squamish area. Flying Spirit Rentals had a Speed Gun to register racers speeds on the trail during the race and thanks to Norman Rudy’s Pub who hosted the Flying Spirit Speed Zone. An Enduro is a race that riders are only timed on downhill sections, the starts are usually in waves and racers are on an honor system that you place yourself in the proper start wave for your abilities and cardio. Yes cardio, even though you are not timed for the up hill sections … you still have to ride to the downhill sections. Guess what I did…I have signed up for my first Enduro this year. Even though I have been on a bike almost everyday  for the past two months it is not always my XC bike. Yikes the uphills are gonna eat me alive! I have decided to sign up for the 4th wave and I have my costume in mind just gotta glue a few pieces on and I am ready to go. I would really like to wear my dinosaur costume, I have tried riding a bike with it on and it did not work. I couldn’t see a thing! I wore it while standing at the Flying Spirit Speed Zone during the Gryphon Enduro race it saved me from the mosquitoes but I couldn’t drink the beer offered to me, oh the sacrifices we chose sometimes. Well time to wrap up the blog, I have to get outside and get on a bike and ride up a hill, then come down the hill and sit on the couch with my feet up and drink a G&T, enjoy life friends.  🙂