May in the Mountains in Squamish BC

May finally delivered the sun in the mountains, trails are cherry and all the hard work our local trail association SORCA did to help with water drainage has paid off (a good reason to support your local trail association). I know people ride the trails and think WOW this is amazing and I know they know these trails don’t just appear overnight. I am grateful for the hard work trail builders and VOLUNTEERS have done to create the WOW effect. I have been riding the Northshore mountains for the past 20 years and have discovered Squamish about 10 years ago and am truly grateful for the vision of trail crews, SORCA, local businesses and city council who also see the vision of mountain biking as a positive past time.  I used to tackle some trail maintenance myself back in the day…. dragged my kids out with me, or the youth I was working with and always ended with smiles. Nothing beats a day working in the forest on trails for you and others to enjoy. Also back in the day…. some people tried to shut down mountain biking on the Northshore mountains of North Vancouver. Crazy eh! A particular person actually put glass, wire or place an obstacle in the path of a biker to “stop” them. Crazy shit like that went on for a while then the person got caught and was suspended from hiking the trails and then 8 years later another person attempted the same vandalism. Again this person was caught and now suspended from hiking in the area.

Trails are for everyone, even though some trails are designated hiking, biking or equestrian trails primarily we can all enjoy the time spent outside and give respect to the people building the trails and respect each other on the trails. If you are a frequent walker, hiker, runner or biker on your neighborhood trails or if you have to travel to a favorite spot do a little research and see if there is a contributing association who takes care of the trail maintenance. Maybe you too can contribute to the group who are responsible for those cherry trails you just played on.

Cheers Corey